DR.HC Miracle Setting Spray (with Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C) (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-aging, Skin toning, Anti-inflammatory...)-0
DR.HC Miracle Setting Spray (with Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C) (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-aging, Skin toning, Anti-inflammatory...)-1
DR.HC Miracle Setting Spray (with Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C) (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-aging, Skin toning, Anti-inflammatory...)-2
DR.HC Miracle Setting Spray (with Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C) (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-aging, Skin toning, Anti-inflammatory...)-3
DR.HC Miracle Setting Spray (with Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C) (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-aging, Skin toning, Anti-inflammatory...)-4
DR.HC Miracle Setting Spray (with Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C) (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-aging, Skin toning, Anti-inflammatory...)-5
DR.HC Miracle Setting Spray (with Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C) (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-aging, Skin toning, Anti-inflammatory...)-6
DR.HC Miracle Setting Spray (with Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C) (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-aging, Skin toning, Anti-inflammatory...)-7

DR.HC Miracle Setting Spray (with Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C) (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-aging, Skin toning, Anti-inflammatory...)

10% Niacinamide with Infused Serum

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  • Plant-Based Formula
  • Dermatologist Tested

Setting spray helps set makeup for longer wear, add a soft-focus finish to your makeup and lock on your look. Our Miracle Setting Spray is a versatile plant-based setting spray, which can be used not only for setting makeup, but also for refreshing throughout the day, or providing an extra boost of moisture, antioxidants and skin-protecting agents to your skin anytime. This multi-purpose property makes this magical spray work for all of your needs!

In addition, the "miracles" of the spray are also coming from its formula. Made from Organic Ginseng, Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C - poweful natural ingredients which help enhancing skin barrier function, the spray creates an invisible barrier to protect your skin all day long from dryness, irritation, bacteria and environmental damages etc., as well as provides the skin with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and skin toning benefits.


  • POINT 1: Multi-purpose. The spray can be used for: 1/ setting makeup for longer lasting and softer-focus finish, 2/ soothing & refreshing skin throughout the day, or 3/ toning, moisturizing and nourishing the skin any time with anti-aging, anti-acne benefits.
  • POINT 2: Setting Makeup + Skincare in 1 bottle! The spray is specially formulated with a combination of the most powerful skin-protecting ingredients including Organic Ginseng, Organic Passionfruit, Ceramide & Vitamin C. They all have the ability to strenthening skin barrier function by creating an invisible layer in order to protect the skin from dryness, dehydration, irritation, premature signs of aging and environmental damage. In addition, they provide anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and skin toning benefits.
  • POINT 3: Nourishing formula. Made from the purest Organic & Natural ingredients which have anti-aging (organic berry extracts), anti-acne effects (organic tea tree, organic willow bark extracts) 
  • POINT 4: Clean & non-toxic formula. Paraben-free, Dye-free, Fragrance-free, Phthalate-free, Mineral Oil - free, Silicone-free, Gluten-free. The spray has natural color and citrus scent coming from botanical extracts.
  • POINT 5:  This makeup setting spray is Vegan & Cruelty-free.
  • POINT 6:  Good for all skin types. It shields the skin from environmental damages, but never clog pores or leave greasy after feel
  • POINT 7:  Convenient travel size makes it easy to take this with you to refresh your makeup on the go!



  • All skin types (oily, dry, normal, combination) 
  • Sensitive skin
  • Skin with breakouts


  • Setting your makeup for longer lasting and adding a soft-focus finish.
  • Strenthening skin barrier function to protect skin from dryness, dehydration, irritation, premature signs of aging and environmental damage.
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Skin toning   

This product also helps

  • Hydrating
  • pH Balancing
  • Skin Softening 
  • Non-comedogenic


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    ★ORGANIC GINSENG: Its roots and leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, allowing them to metabolise skin cells and help get rid of dead skin cells to produce healthy new skin. Ginseng prevents aging, brings plumping and firming effects, maintains the skin's elasticity and lengthens the lifespan of skin cells. Ginseng also boosts bloodflow for a natural glow. It is a brilliant overall complexion booster.

    ★ORGANIC PASSIONFRUIT EXTRACT: Passionfruit extract also helps strengthen the skin barrier to protect against bacteria, pollutants and infection, resulting in a clear and healthy looking. This superfood contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, riboflavin and carotene which helps skin retain moisture and improve blood flow, making it look brighter and younger, and preventing aging and wrinkling. The high content of anti-inflammatory properties in passionfruit can reduce irritation and soothe the skin.

    ★CERAMIDES: As the skin's natural moisturizer, ceramides creates a protective barrier that helps prevent the loss of moisture and shields the skin from environmental aggressors while never clogging pores. They play an essential role in protecting the skin from dryness, dehydration, irritation and premature signs of aging (anti-aging effects). It also helps protect your epidermis from environmental damage.

    ★VITAMIN C:  Vitamin C defends against free radicals and shields skin from the visible impacts of pollution. Vitamin C also tones your skin as well as promotes the regeneration of new skin, boosts collagen production  and diminishes signs of aging such as fine line and wrinkles. It nourishes your skin while making your makeup smoother and fresher


    HOW TO USE: Hold bottle 8 - 10 inches away from face and lightly spray over freshly made faces to set your makeup.

    WHEN TO USE Everyday, anytime.


        HOW TO STORE: Good to keep at room temperature. Avoid direct sun light. For an extra refreshing mist, try storing it in the fridge!


        Botanicals Infused With Science

        Our science-proven, results-driven formula combine high-quality botanicals and upcycled superfruits
        that allow us to formulate skin transforming, sustainable, cruelty-free products.

        10% Niacinamide

        Get fast visible results with an industry-leading 10% Niacinamide formulation. This water soluble vitamin builds Keratin, the protein that keeps your skin firm and healthy. Niacinamide builds a lipid layer that helps retain your skins moisture.

        • Targets Hyperpigmentation
        • Reduces Acne
        • Evens Your Skin Tone
        Upcycled Superfruits

        Rambutan creates an optimal skin barrier that locks in your skins moisture. It increases oxygenation which is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

        Mangosteen is loaded with vitamins that brighten and evens out your skin tone reducing dark spots and blemishes quickly. It stimulates circulation that aids in the anti-aging properties, restores vitality and gives you smoother softer skin.

        19% Increase in Elasticity

        Clinical studies have shown that Rambutan increaes skin elasticity by 19%.

        20% Increase in Hydration

        Dermatological testing has shown that these superfruits increase hydration by over 20%.

        Vitamin C Beads

        The top all-natural anti-aging ingredient on the market. It is one of the most gentle ways to promote collagen production and reduce under-eye circles. It smooths out your fine lines by hydrating and plumping the under-eyes. It is also one of the safest ingredients for sensitive skin types. 

        • Increases collagen
        • Reduces under-eye circles
        • Safe for sensitive skin

        The power of retinol without the irritation. Bakuchiol is a plant-derived alternative to retinol. Clinical studies have shown it to be as effective as retinol but without the dryness, irritation and UV sensitivity that retinol can cause.

        For Sensitive Skin Types

        Bakuchiol is proven to reduce lines and wrinkles without any adverse reactions.

        UV Safe

        Unlike Retinol which can cause UV sensitivity, Bakuchiol is safe to use during the day.

        Industry Experts

        Kindness is founded by Quynh Phan, a licensed aesthetician, with the assistance of Mimi Kim, a 30 year skin care formulation expert that has created lines for the largest skin care companies.

        Completely Cruelty-Free

        From manufacturing, to packaging, to your face the entire process is cruelty-free and ethically sourced. You can apply Kindness products knowing that it has done no harm.

        Botanicals Meet Science

        We believe in the power of nature to restore your face to its youthful vigor. All of our ingredients are natural and ethically sourced using state-of-the-art technology.

        Free Shipping & Returns

        All orders are shipped from the U.S. If you order by 12 PM on a weekday your order will ship that day. We ship USPS and most orders arrive in 3 days.

        Dermatologist Tested

        Every Kindness Beauty product is thoroughly tested by leading dermatologists to ensure the product is safe and won't irritate your skin.

        Upcycled Ingredients

        We use ethically sourced, upcycled Rambutan and Mangosteen. These fruits get a second chance to help to bring out your radiance.

        Other ingredients

        • Collageneer
          Collageneer is a sustainably-sourced, botanical-derived ingredient. It works by stimulating the production of the building blocks that produce collagen. Collageneer reduces sagging skin. Users experience firmer, more supple skin after just one application. 
        • Kojic Acid
          Lightens visible sun damage, age spots and scars. 
        • Azelaic Acid
          Kills the bacteria that causes acne.
        • Sea Buckthorn
          Increases your skins natural radiance and brightens your completion. 
        • Bromelain
          Gentle exfoliant sourced from Pineapples that reduces inflammation and promotes renewal. 
        • Butchers Broom
          Increases vascular tone, helps circulation and stronger blood vessels.





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