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Bepart of the journey from sustainable farming practice to the next popularsuperfruits

Rambutan and Mangosteen

100% Natural Origin

An ancient beauty secret discovered in the sacred gardens of Vietnam's Đồng Nai province, rambutan and mangosteen are a nutritious tropical fruit with natural Southeast Asian origins.

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Why Upcycled Rambutan and Upcycled Mangosteen?


A rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) is an exotic fruit tree from southeast Asia. It is in the same family as Lychee. The name rambutan is a word that means "hairy". Rambutans are know as a "Superfruit", and are touted for their antioxidant properties. They are excellent source to reduce wrinkles, help hydrate skin, increasing skin elasticity and brightening.

This little wonder will take you by surprise:

94% of consumers say it is an attractive fruit*

90% of consumers say this fruit has nice appearance*

88% of consumers are convinced this is a healthy fruit*

*results from a consumer survey done on 109 women from 18 to 65 years old


Abundant in xanthones, this exotic reddish-purple fruit has been clinically proven to aid in the promotion of microcirculation and rejuvenation. Through the stimulation of circulation, mangosteen fruit extract helps restore vitality, improve radiance and galvanize repair to leave skin softer, smoother, firmer, more luminous and better protected against environmental pollutants.

Battling Food-Waste

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), 1.3 billion tons of agricultural products are discarded every year (as of 2019) due to poor marketability. Fruits look ugly due to their form or surplus inventory are likely throw away to landfill.

Sustainability Solutions

We repurpose and upcycle ingredients sourced from Vietnam surplus inventories of fruits that are deemed imperfect or unwanted due to their appearance or close approaching “Best-By'” date. The Rambutan and Mangosteen are purified and using one of the new science technologies in a unique process way to up-cycle it into a natural extract that has never been seen before.

Clean, Sustainable, Botanical & ScienceProven Ingredients

We use high quality plant-based ingredients combine with ingredients back by science proven to bring great results for our skincare routine

A list of our active ingredients

All-in-One Eye Repair Mask

Help Brighten

(1) 10% Niacinamide: a water-soluble vitamin B help reduce skin damage and increase skin moisture content. Helps to fade hyperpigmentation, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier

Help Brighten

(2) Vitamin C Beads: Improve the appearance of uneven tone, reduce skin-stress and brighten dull complexion

Reduce Anti-Wrinkles

(1) Collageneer®: A combination of white lupine seed extract from western France and sunflower seed oil improves skin robustly, providing smooth skin care.

Reduce Anti-Wrinkles

(2) Bakuchiol: Replacement of Retinol, A high purity natural ingredient that has similar efficacy to retinol but has no side effects.

Reduce Anti-Wrinkles

(3) Upcycled Rambutan, Mangosteen:

  • Rambutan: creates an optimal skin barrier, increase skin moisture
  • Mangosteen: Improves the look of radiance in the skin, prevents the appearance of drying environmental stress, Antioxidants diminish visible signs of aging

Reduce Anti-Wrinkles

(4) Vitamin C Beads: Improve the appearance of uneven tone, reduce skin-stress and brighten dull complexion.

Help Reduce Dark Circles

(1) Kojic Acid: treat hyperpigmentation, and reduce the visibility of dark spots on your face

Help Reduce Dark Circles

(2) Azelaic Acid: can suppress melanin production in the skin

Help Reduce Dark Circles

(3) Sea Buckthorn(Vitamin Tree) Extract: Promotes collagen production, protects skin from oxidative damage, restores firm skin elasticity of aging skin cells, regenerates skin cell membrane, and improves skin’s natural moisturizing ability

Help Depuffing: Patented ingredient with 5 botanicals combine to help Depuffing

(1) Pineapple

(2) Butcher’s Broom

(3) Grape Seeds

(4) Arnica

(5) Lemon Balm

3-in-1 Daily Cleanser

3-in-1 Daily Cleanser

(1) Mangosteen : Besides antioxidants, this super fruit contains minerals and vitamins that brightens the skin tone.

(2) Rambutan : Improve darkened skin exposure to the UV rays.

3-in-1 Daily Cleanser

(3) Brown Rice Vinegar : removes the enemy of aging skin-oxygen to prevent skin from aging and make skin texture smooth and radiant.

(4) Grape AHA : plant-derived AHA ingredients brightens skin complexion.

3-in-1 Daily Cleanser

(5) Papaya: excellent sebum controlling by dissolving old and dead skin cells, and smoothing skin texture by deep cleansing pore wastes.

(6) Soapberry extract : has rich saponin to be used as a natural cleanser.

3-in-1 Daily Cleanser

(7) Shea butter : rich vitamin A and E moisturize skin and prevent moist evaporation.

(8) Avocado butter : It is called the butter of the forest and contains abundant vitamins and minerals.

Anytime Wax-Free Serum Stick

Active Ingredients & Functions

(1) Multivitamins : 15 vitamins provide dull skin with intensive vitality and nourishing care.

(2) Mangosteen : Besides a large amount of various antioxidants, in this super fruit peel contains minerals and vitamins that brightens the skin tone.

Active Ingredients & Functions

(3) Rambutan : This Southeastern Asian tropical fruit helps to improve darkened skin exposure to the UV rays.

(4) Brown Rice Vinegar : removes the enemy of aging skin-oxygen to prevent skin from aging and make skin texture smooth and radiant.

Active Ingredients & Functions

(5) Hyaluronic acid : has the water-holding and storage capacity 200 times of its own size.





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